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About Us

Aomega Cleaning is a cleaning company located in Miami dedicated to provide cleaning services, Commercial Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Bank Cleaning, Store Cleaning, Day Care Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning services, Deep Cleaning, Floor Care, Vacation Rental Cleaning

We promise quality, reliable cleaning service every time so our loyal customers feel special. We work hard to be the best. Our products are high-quality and safe. And we focus on the details so you have a clean, orderly office every time.  

     Aomega Cleaning, Office Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Office Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning Services Miami

Janitorial Services

Aomega Cleaning, Janitorial Services Miami

 Aomega Cleaning is a company that uses a wide variety of cleaning methods and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. obtaining the best results that our customers need.

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Commercial Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Miami

At Aomega Cleaning, our commercial cleaning service in Miami goes above and beyond the basic standards that you are most likely accustomed to. This is why we are the first choice for many businesses looking for commercial cleaners in Miami. 

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Building Cleaning


Maintaining and cleaning a building is in no way a task that may be considered to be easy. Aomega Cleaning ensures that you in no way have to worry about the difficulty levels posed by the task.

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Office Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Office Cleaning Miami

We at Aomega Cleaning, Miami, provides businesses with all of the commercial office cleaning services that they required by maintaining a healthy and clean.

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Bank Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Bank Cleaning Miami

 We at Aomega Cleaning, Miami, provides banks with all of the cleaning services that they required to maintaining a healthy and clean  environment for their clients and employees.  

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Store Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Store Cleaning Miami

Most of the stores are used for loading and unloading commodities. This means, it becomes quite difficult to clean every inch and every spot inside a store, regardless of it being empty or overloaded with products. you need a cleaning services

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Day Care Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Day Care Cleaning Miami

As much as you care about your child care centre and your children’s health and safety, we, at  Aomega Cleaning, care about them to a greater extent.

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Pt Construction Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning Miami

 We specialize in post construction cleaning work in all types of facilities and homes ensuring an impeccable finish and tuning.

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Carpet Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Miami

Freshen up your office with Aomega Cleaning commercial carpet cleaning

Remove the stains, marks, dust and pollutants from your carpet.

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Deep Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Deep Cleaning Miami

Deep Cleaning Services. Arrange a Thorough Clean from Our Deep Cleaning Team in Miami! 

 Sometimes there’s nothing for it but to give your home or your business premises a full and thorough deep clean.  

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Floor Care

Aomega Cleaning, Floor Care Miami

 Personalized Commercial Cleaning has a seperate floor care division that specializes in servicing a variety of floor surfaces.

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Vacation Rental Cleaning

Aomega Cleaning, Vacations Rental Cleaning Miami

Aomega Cleaning can help with the vacation rental hosts maximize their rental opportunities and their calendar allowing for a more open...

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